About us

EQ-LAB Ecuadorian Foundation for the Promotion of Research, Science and Technology.


EQ-Lab is a multidisciplinary organization born within academia and is made up of Ecuadorian and foreign professors and researchers with master’s and doctorate studies at universities of excellence, whose degrees are registered with SENESCYT. EQ-Lab has professionals oriented toward academic rigor and ethical and social principles, whose aim is to improve higher education in Ecuador and to achieve excellence in research, development, and innovation (RDI), science, and technology, following international standards to promote economic growth and development. This center seeks to be a connection between the state, companies, and academia.

Regarding the state, EQ-Lab collaborates through applied research that contributes to the development of public policies based on scientific evidence. Regarding companies, successful best practices are researched to create purposeful and highly profitable businesses. Regarding academia, EQ-Lab trains, and collaborates with, faculty regarding utilizing the most current research tools and developing their own publications.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Lines of Investigation

We are a multidisciplinary team oriented towards the generation, empowerment, and dissemination of applied scientific research, which promotes the common good of society.

To be a benchmark for Latin America in terms of research, continuous training, and scientific dissemination that promotes the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Ethics: Telling the truth

  • Responsibility: Meeting the goals, deadlines, and budgets set

  • Innovation: Seeing the problem from another angle

  • Excellence: Seeking perfection

  • Strategy, social responsibility, and emerging markets
  • Economy, development, and economic growth
  • Transparency in empirical research in the social and legal sciences
  • Econometrics, statistics, and mathematical modeling
  • International rights
  • Philosophy and education
  • Information and communication technologies (ICTs)
  • Research, development, and innovation (RDI)
  • Management of academic and industrial processes, inventory control.
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Collaborate with us

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EQ-LAB team believes that more researchers and experts in social sciences are needed to study and understand the phenomena that are currently occurring in order to propose solutions to the various problems. More experts are needed to share their knowledge, questions, and uncertainties with the general public. In this way, we can identify what alternatives are available to society. Today, EQ-Lab’s mission is more relevant than ever; therefore, a cordial invitation is extended, open to all of society.

*Through technical assistance contracts, competitions, grants, consultancies, donations, alliances, platforms, groups, etc.

*Your monetary collaboration can be sporadic or regular, or you can sponsor a specific researcher. All contributions, even small ones, are important for the advancement of research in emerging markets such as Ecuador.

*You can also donate any object that can be auctioned or raffled in any of the events we organize to support our projects.

*You can also sponsor a researcher and finance a postdoctoral scholarship or the training of a future researcher (predoctoral scholarship) in the branch of science that you consider most interesting. This scholarship can have your name, the name of your family, or your organization.

*Public entities (central or local governments, ministries, undersecretaries, etc.); International organizations; NGOs; Companies (CSR, RDI, consortia); Universities (public and private); Foundations; Associations; Confederations; Cooperatives; Research centers;Researchers; The general public.