Our professionals have the academic training, experience, and skills necessary to take your work (e.g. thesis, research proposal, journal article, or book) to the next level. We can help focus your efforts, enhance your work, and increase your chances of publication. Our language experts will ensure that your work is written in accordance with scientific language requirements and following any specified formatting and styling requirements. Get a quote with us starting from $0.05 per word.

Our experts are native speakers and focus on Spanish-English-Spanish translation. Our translators have the right experience and skills for your job. Request our services if you need your research translated by a professional who understands your field of study.

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Making use of the online continuing education systems (utilizing virtual, semi-face-to-face, and face-to-face modes), we offer training certified by national organizations.


Currently, our courses and training focus on researcher training in Ecuador. Soon, however, we will be offering various alternatives for continuing education to the general public. Is there any topic in particular that you are interested in knowing? If so, please contact us.

Thanks to the support of international institutions, we have a full scholarship to pursue a Doctorate in Management Sciences. Currently, this scholarship is awarded in recognition of our most outstanding researchers. Do you have research experience? Do you want to have a career as a researcher?