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David Zambrano

EQ-Lab guided me to present my work at the II International Congress on Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. They then helped me publish my manuscript in an indexed journal. Thus, I managed to disseminate the results of my research work and they were not stored in my drawer. Thank you!

Connie Palma

The EQ-Lab team is a group of professionals with international quality standards. They motivate you to keep going and meet your research goals. I managed to develop two works and later publish them in a national and an international journal, respectively. Thank you very much!

Jan Höffler

When I lived in Ecuador, I collaborated with EQ-Lab. They are a highly motivated group of researchers who want to promote research and its application in Ecuador. Congratulations and onwards!

Andrés Barriga

Thanks to EQ-Lab, I have been able to familiarize myself with state-of-the-art higher education teaching methodologies. Their orientation was key to becoming a university professor.

Sandra Bravo

Following the advice of EQ-Lab, our social projects are adequately managed in terms of the monitoring and control of the proposed goals, as well as in the dissemination of our results to attract a wider audience and achieve greater impact for the region.

Daniel Molina Ycaza

Research in Ecuador obtains greater relevance if it is published in nationally and internationally indexed journals. Thanks to the guidance and advice provide by EQ-Lab, three articles were published in indexed journals and are currently highly cited articles by Latin American researchers. EQ-Lab encourages you to develop your full potential in the academic and scientific …

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Ricardo Salcedo

The business community and the scientific community (teachers, students, and researchers) can access a reference on case studies of Guayaquil family businesses because we managed to publish our work in a Canadian journal, thanks to the advice received from EQ-Lab. Good job!

Alberto Rigail

I am very happy with the work done by EQ-Lab. Thanks to its professional team, I was able to complete my doctoral thesis on time and with excellent grades. They exceeded my expectations!

Santiago Peralta

Thanks to the support of EQ-Lab, we have managed to publish three case studies about our company with foreign publishers. We contribute to knowledge from our experience and, in accordance with the rigor of scientific-academic research, these publications are testimony that Ecuador has successful, sustainable, and sustainable companies within its environment.